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The mission of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is to improve human health through better nutrition and lifestyle. The Department strives to accomplish this goal through research aimed at an increased understanding of how diet influences health at molecular and population levels, the development of nutritional strategies, informing policy, the education of researchers and practitioners, and the dissemination of nutrition information to health professionals and the public.


The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) is a network of thought-leading organizations using teaching kitchen facilities as catalysts of enhanced personal and public health across medical, community, school, and corporate settings.

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Ardmore Institute of Health works for a future where healthy lifestyles will be the preferred method to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Since 1947 the organization has been promoting lifestyle change as a means to help people achieve a more healthy and fulfilling life. AIH provides grants to projects that support this mission as well as a free nutrition improvement program called Full Plate Living. Full Plate Living helps people add more whole plant-based foods to meals they’re already eating. It’s a small step approach that can lead to big health outcomes.

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Envisioned and supported by Jane and Terry Semel, the vision of the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA is to make UCLA the healthiest community to work, learn, and thrive and to inspire others through building a culture of health as the foundation for a resilient, equitable, and flourishing community for the over 85,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors at UCLA.

The mission of NCCIH is to determine, through rigorous scientific investigation, the fundamental science, usefulness, and safety of complementary and integrative health approaches and their roles in improving health and health care. *

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) provides global leadership for a research, training, and education program to promote the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, and blood diseases and enhance the health of all individuals so that they can live longer and more fulfilling lives. *

More than a professional association, ACLM is a galvanizing force for change.

ACLM is comprised of members who are passionate about the urgent need to transform health and health care. The organization addresses the need for quality, evidence-based education and certification in the clinical practice of lifestyle medicine.

The mission of the Academic Consortium is to advance the principles and practices of integrative healthcare within academic institutions. The Consortium provides its institutional membership with a community of support for its academic missions and a collective voice for influencing change.

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI) advocates for legal, regulatory, and policy reforms in health and food systems, with a focus on the health, public health, and food needs of systemically marginalized individuals.

CHLPI is comprised of the Health Law and Policy Clinic (HLPC) and the Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC).

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