A big thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2022 Teaching Kitchen Research Conference (both in person and virtual) and for making it an incredible success!

The 2022 Teaching Kitchen Research Conference was an absolute joy and success!

It was remarkable to see the momentum around the Teaching Kitchen movement with over 500 people from across disciplines coming together to learn, collaborate, and inspire each other. 

I learned that this movement is strong and moving with momentum. I will be taking this inspiration to refuel the passion with which I do my work and make sure to gather data and publish on the efficacy of Teaching Kitchens”
-Attendee from American College of Lifestyle Medicine

With so many inspiring presenters at the 2022 Teaching Kitchen Research Conference and proof of impact from over 100 abstracts and videos, we know that Teaching Kitchens are a key solution to improving personal, public, and planetary health.

Watch the video that won the impact award, from MedStar Health, to see this movement in action.

Thank you, again, to everyone who joined us.

TKRC 2022 made it clear–Teaching Kitchens are Changing Lives.

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